5 useful tips for driving a vehicle

Is this your first time driving such a vehicle?

Or has it been a long time since you sat behind the wheel?

Don’t panic, we have attached five valuable tips so that you can enjoy your journey.

1. Preparation is half the battle

Look at your route in advance and plan the start and end.

Driving on unfamiliar roads can increase unnecessary stress.

As already mentioned, we also support you in picking up and returning the vehicle.

2. Don't forget the dimensions of the vehicle

A van is usually higher and wider than a normal vehicle.

Therefore, it is better to check once again whether there is enough space in narrow streets or in tight parking lots.

An example is the underground car parks (max. 2 meters high) or free lanes next to a construction site (max. 2 meters wide).

3. Correct braking when fully loaded

When the vehicle is fully loaded, you notice this while you are driving straight ahead.

The important thing here is to take the corners cleanly and don’t brake abruptly.

Remember the safety distance.

A loaded vehicle has a longer braking distance than a empty vehicle.

4. Attention to blind spots

Use the large exterior mirrors for every maneuver.

The lower part of the exterior mirror is provided with an extra glass.

This can help you to see further distances and reduce the blind spot.

We have installed a mobile reversing camera for reversing.

This makes reversing like a game.

However, it is best if the passenger helps in maneuver from the outside and talks to the driver.

5. Three wins

Think about the environment, your wallet and the consumption of the vehicle.

Ecological driving protects the environment and is cheaper in conservation.

Keep an eye on the RPM of the engine and it’s good to stay between 1’500 and 3’500 RPM.

Fast driving is not worthwhile and the fine about that is expensive.